Program 2

Our program is designed to be fun, stimulating and engaging! We provide an extensive range of age appropriate activities so each camper gains exposure to many different types of experiences/activities. Activity areas include athletics, water sports, arts, outdoor adventure, science, and music & drama. Campers participate in 6 activity period daily, two of which they get to choose themselves! 

To promote a solid camp community among all the campers the entire camp joins together frequently for special events such as Shabbat Services, Fourth of July Fireworks,  weekly BBQs, Maccabiah/Color War, and so much more!

At Camp Nah-Jee-Wah campers are grouped & housed by grade. Each group in camp is called a division. The division follows a program schedule each day designed specifically for their age group. (Click here to see a sample of our daily schedule).

Divisions at Camp Nah-Jee-Wah

Female Division:Male Divisions:
Entering Grades 1-4
Entering Grades 1-4
Entering Grade 5
Entering Grade 5
Entering Grade 6
Entering Grade 6

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