What does the daily schedule look like?

Each division (age group) has a schedule which includes instructional athletics, instructional H2O, a recreational period, and 2-3 daily electives. Electives include sports, waterfront activities (boating and lake elements), arts, STEM, and outdoor adventure activities including a high ropes and ninja warrior course. Check out the daily schedule for more information.

How does my child choose activities/electives?

There are approximately 25 camp electives. Campers will sit one on one with a counselor every two days to choose their electives. We encourage campers to try new activities, but also allow them to repeat activities that they enjoy.

How are campers bunked for the summer?

Campers are grouped in bunks by grade and gender. We take a lot of time to bunk our campers with others that we feel they will connect with and make lasting friendships. We ask all families to fill out a camper questionnaire which is supplemented by interviews for 1st year campers. You are able to make bunking requests so that your child can be with one or two children from your town, or bunked separately, if you prefer. Top or bottom bunks can be requested.

How many campers and staff are in each bunk?

Bunks typically house 12-14 campers and 3-4 staff. All bunks are equipped with full bathroom facilities including at least two showers, sinks, and toilets, electrical outlets, and cubbies for clothing. All campers and staff sleep in solid wooden bunk beds and our counselors sleep among the campers in the cabin. Our housekeeping staff sanitize the bathrooms daily, while the campers and counselors keep the main area of the cabin in order which is maintained through our famous Gold Broom Program.

Where do campers come from?

Our campers come from all over the United States. We have large groups of children from New Jersey, the New York metropolitan area, Long Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Florida. We also have international campers from Israel, France, Latin America, and other locales.

Are there a lot of choices at mealtimes?

Yes. Besides the kosher hot meal, there is a full salad bar, pasta, and fruit at lunch and dinner. If a camper still can’t find something they like, they can also work with our Specialty Food Liaison to find something in our fully stocked kitchen. Check out the Health and Nutrition page for more information.

Can you accommodate my child's food allergies?

We have a dedicated certified Gluten Free kitchen to accommodate campers on a gluten free diet. In addition, we can also accommodate most special dietary needs. The Specialty Food Liaison will work closely with your family to ensure all dietary needs can be met. For further information, check out the Health and Nutrition page or contact the camp director for specific questions.

Do you have medical staff on site?

We typically have 2-3 doctors and 5-10 nurses in Milford at all times. In addition, we have medical administrators in each camp who will be your point of contact if anything medical happens while your child is in camp. Our overnight health center is staffed 24 hours per day.

Are there any other expenses? Do campers need extra money?

There are a few extra expenses that families may incur if you choose: horseback riding, Total Specialty Camps (TSC), and luggage shipping (if you choose not to drive it to camp).

If you have a Full Season camper, we suggest that parents send spending money for our out of camp trip on changeover day. This money is kept in the office safe and given to the camper by their division head when appropriate. In addition, the entering 6th graders will go on a mystery trip each session where extra spending money may be beneficial.

Do you offer Horseback Riding?

Yes, we offer Horseback Riding lessons for an additional fee. Horseback Riding can be selected before camp starts or added during the summer. Our campers typically receive Western style instruction. Trail riding is offered once the staff feel a child is ready.

How does the laundry work?

Bunk laundry is done once per week. Bunk counselors help the campers move laundry from their own bags into larger bunk laundry bags. The laundry is brought to our on-premise facility, washed, dried, and then returned. Counselors assist campers with sorting, folding, and putting away clean laundry. Please clearly label EVERY item of clothing with your child’s name.

Are there any out of camp trips?

Campers may have the opportunity to join inter-camp sports leagues and leave camp to compete in inter-camp games and tournaments.

Our entering 6th grade campers enjoy a special “Mystery Trip” each session!

On changeover day our 6-week and full season campers go on an out of camp trip for the day.

What is Total Specialty Camps (TSC)?

TSC is our unique specialty camp option providing an intensive experience in basketball, baseball, soccer, or tennis. By adding Specialty Camp to your summer experience, you can immerse yourself in one activity four hours per day, six days a week.  You learn from the best about how to improve your skills, gain confidence, and most importantly, have fun! To see our TSC offerings and for more information, check out our Total Specialty Camps page.

Do you provide a suggested packing list for the summer?

Yes, and it can be found here. We recommend packing camp gear into soft trunks or duffle bags for easy storage during your child’s stay. Please ensure you clearly label all clothing and equipment.

How do campers get to camp?

There are three ways that campers get to and from camp. On the first and last days of the 1st, 2nd, and Full Season sessions, parents can drive their camper to and from camp, campers can take free buses provided by the camp from various stops in the tri-state area, or campers can fly into Newark Liberty International Airport and we will meet them there and bring them to camp.  Short stay campers may take camp buses to camp, but are picked up at the end of their session at camp.

How do I get my child’s luggage to and from camp?

If you live in metropolitan NY, NJ, CT, Eastern PA, DC, Baltimore, N. VA and FL (East Coast), baggage can be picked up from your home and brought directly to camp via Door-Va-Door, a camp baggage trucking service (information is available after registration through your NJYHome account). You can also arrange with UPS or FedEX to ship bags to camp. Luggage may be driven to camp and dropped off prior to the start of camp or brought on opening day with your camper.

Only carry-on bags may go on the bus with the campers.

How do I keep in touch with my child once they are at camp?

You, your family members, and friends can email campers as much as you like using the Campanion App. Campers also enjoy receiving snail mail through the US postal service.

We post pictures, Sunday through Friday, usually by 11 pm EDT, by camp. On occasion, technology issues and/or camp programs intervene and posting of photos may be delayed. Pictures can be seen daily though the Campanion App. We try our very best to capture pictures of many campers every day. You should expect to see your camper once every 3 days. If not, please let us know. We also upload video clips from camp to highlight different activities and events.

Campers send emails once a week and we encourage letter writing too.

If you ever have any concerns during the summer, feel free to contact the Camp Director at any time.

What happens on the 1st day of camp?

Campers are welcomed to camp by our very enthusiastic staff! Before going to their bunks, all campers are “Health Checked,” which includes a lice check. Please note, there is $250 fee for those carrying lice to have it removed by a professional company. Bunk counselors escort the campers to their bunks for introductions and unpacking. Each camper is individually unpacked by their counselor one on one. Camper orientation includes a tour of the grounds, icebreakers, lunch, swim demonstrations, athletics, and a Divisional Meeting (by age group) to kick off the summer of their lives!

Where is Camp Nah-Jee-Wah located?

Our address is 570 Sawkill Road, Milford, PA 18337.

We have 3 camps located at this address: Camp Nah-Jee-Wah, Cedar Lake Camp, and Teen Camp including our Round Lake inclusion program.

International Campers – What airports can my camper fly into?

Once your child is registered, please contact us regarding flights and times before making any arrangements. If at all possible, flight arrangements should be made to Newark Liberty International Airport.

Our staff meet and greet campers upon arrival and bring them to camp.  For the return flight, we bring campers to the airport, and if permitted by security, accompany them to the gate. Our staff does not leave the airport until the plane has departed. We give the parents an emergency contact number and procedures to follow in case of unexpected delays.

International Campers – Do you provide linens for international campers?

We provide our international campers with bed linens (sheets, blankets, pillow, pillow case) for use during the summer. Please be sure to label all clothing and items you send to camp with the camper’s first and last name.