Let's Experiment!


Choose to take science out of the classroom and into the outdoors to discover robotics, coding, experimental science, astronomy, visual media, and sports science. Campers can learn from expert STEM instructors using high-level specialized equipment and perform a variety of experiments using the daily activities and environment of camp.

Campers presenting at a science fair.

A camper doing a sports and science experiment.

Sports and Science

Calling all athletes! In Sports and Science, campers will learn from our world-class instructor on how to better improve sports performance using an enhanced understanding of the human body.

Visual Media

Have you ever wanted to be a professional photographer? Well, first you need to learn about the science behind each photo. At Visual Media, we’ll teach campers about lighting, angles, lenses, and more, while touching on some visual-editing fun.

Science Experiments

Look at critters you find in camp under a microscope, explore how two different chemicals react, and even learn the physics behind the water-trampoline. In Science Experiments, we get our hands dirty, sometimes literally, in order to uncover the chemistry, physics, and biology behind everyday life!

A camper working on Lego robotics and coding.

Lego Robotics and Coding

The no-device rule in camp has met its match in our cutting-edge Lego Robotics and Coding program. Using Legos, our campers will build the robots, and using the latest Apple products, our campers will learn how to code the robots. The result? We’re programming robots to walk, talk, jump, and dance, all while learning the awesome skill of computer programming.

A camper looking into a telescope.

Astronomy (Stargazing)

There is not a more beautiful night sky than the one above Milford, PA on a chilly summer night. With over 10 state-of-the-art telescopes and binoculars, a few bunks each evening will learn from our instructor, unlocking their imagination on the stars, the planets, and the galaxy beyond.

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