A Day in the Life
Camp Nah-Jee-Wah

A Day in the Life

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At Camp Nah-Jee-Wah, we go to sleep dreaming about the adventures that await us the following day and welcome the sun with excitement as it peeks through the trees each morning. Our days are filled with water activities, athletics, unforgettable programs, delicious food, and more.

7:45am Rise and ShineIt’s time to get out and seize the day! There’s so much fun that awaits us. Get dressed and ready for your day.
8:00am Morning Line-upWondering what you’ll be doing today? Now is the time to gather by age and bunk to hear about what activities today will hold.
8:15am BreakfastThe best meal of the day! Campers sit by bunk with their counselors in the dining hall as they enjoy breakfast served cafeteria-style. The menu changes daily, but always features both hot and cold selections.
9:00am Clean UpCampers and staff return to their bunk to help clean. While our housekeeping staff sanitize the bathrooms, our campers make their beds, tidy their personal spaces, and rotate through bunk chores. Not the best cleaner? Well the prizes your bunk can earn through our Gold Broom program will encourage even the messiest among us!
9:45am Instructional H2OImprove your swimming and/or boating skills! Prior to camp, parents and campers choose six days of instructional swim at the pool, six days of boating at the lake, or three days of instructional swim at the pool and three days of boating.
10:35am Morning Snack and Line-up Campers change from their bathing suits into sneakers and gather by bunk for an energizing mid-morning snack.
10:45am Instructional AthleticsRising 5th and 6th grade campers head out to our athletic fields to receive individual instruction in the athletic activity of their choice. Campers entering 1st through 4th grade are rotated by bunk through the different athletic activities offered on a daily basis.
11:45am Elective 1Campers individually choose two activities from over 25 options. These two elective activities change every two days. Electives include a wide range of sports, arts, science, adventure, and waterfront activities.
12:45pm Lunch Campers sit with their bunkmates and counselors to enjoy a tasty meal and salad bar.
1:55pm Rest Period Campers head back to their divisional areas and bunks for rest period. This is free time and a great opportunity for campers to sit on the porch and play cards, board games or read. For those who want something more active, throw a frisbee, kick around a ball, or shoot hoops in the divisional area.
2:30pm Line-up Campers and staff gather by age group and by bunk to hear afternoon announcements. Counselors remind campers to bring water bottles, hats, and help reapply sunscreen.
2:45pm Wild Card Wild Card is a scheduled bunk activity which takes place daily. Bunks are rotated through the following activities: email, low ropes team building, laundry, canteen, music, and more.
3:45pm Elective 2Campers individually choose two activities from our 25 choices. These two elective activities change every two days. Electives include a wide range of sports, arts, science, adventure, and waterfront activities.
4:30pm Afternoon Snack Campers change into their bathing suits or grab sports equipment then gather by bunk for a tasty mid-afternoon snack.
4:45pm Rec Period Campers choose daily between recreational swim and recreational athletics. Campers hit the pool for free swim, newcomb, gaga, and more, or to head over to athletics for competitive games in their sport of choice!
5:45pm DinnerTime for the dinner bell! Campers sit with their bunkmates and counselors to enjoy an evening meal and salad bar.
7:15pm Evening Program The fun doesn’t end when the sun goes down. Campers and staff take part in a bunk, divisional, or co-ed evening program such as a scavenger hunt, bake-off, pool dump, talent show, and more. Not sure what some of those entail? You’ll have to join us to find out!
8:15pm Shower Time / Bunk Closure Campers head back to their cabins to take a shower and then sit with their counselors for a fun bunk closure program summarizing their day of camp.
Lights OutLights out for campers entering grades 1 to 4 is between 8:15pm and 8:30pm, campers entering grade 5 is between 8:30pm and 8:45pm, and campers entering grade 6 is between 8:45pm and 9:15pm.

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