Our Staff
The people that make Nah-Jee-Wah special

Our Staff

Under the leadership of our director team, a core of Nah-Jee-Wah veterans provide the foundation for our staff each summer. They are joined by college students, athletes, former campers, teachers, and trained professionals from across the United States and abroad.

In addition to being well qualified and experienced, we look for energetic and responsible individuals who are ready for a summer full of lasting camp memories while helping campers make lifelong friends.

Something we take great pride in is the diversity of our staff who hail from Israel, Australia, South Africa, the UK, Argentina, Mexico, and countless other countries. Diversity of culture, thought, and ideas make for an inclusive and thriving camp community. Your child will not only leave learning more about themselves but also with a deeper understanding and appreciation of those and the world around them.

Camp Nah-Jee-Wah hosts staff training in advance of camper arrivals. Counselors attend sessions that emphasize childcare and development, community building, and creative programming. Counselors receive ongoing training throughout the summer along with daily supervision and coaching on the job.

A focus on meeting the individual needs of our campers is our top priority.

Our 3:1 staff-camper ratio ensures all campers are provided the care and attention they need to thrive in the camp setting.

Interested in joining the Camp Nah-Jee-Wah summer team?